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Needed, Minute Secretary

See 'How You Can Help' page for more info

To those of you with animals, try putting your bare feet on the ground before considering a walk for your dog. If it's too hot for you, it's also too hot for them. They don't wear shoes either!!

As a guide, before 9am or after 6pm is more sensible for you and your dog.




tyson 2.jpgtyson.jpgTyson was a stray and estimated to be approximately 6yrs old. He does unfortunately have failing kidneys but is not currently in any distress.


He is super lovely and friendly and extremely affectionate, its far too soon to let him go. He's fed on a special diet and currently in the limited space and company of the cattery.


What we need is a long term (we hope) fosterer where we pay food and medical bills until the vets decide that he is starting to suffer. Any ending would be their decision.


If you would like to give him a chance please phone 07885295208 or email to discuss further.




chelston 02.jpgChelston came to us having been abandoned and got himself into trouble with the locals.


He's fit and healthy but very food focused having been starving at times. He's a big butch mature cat but can be quite affectionate.

A stable home might suit although he's house trained. He's a Character!


If interested please fill out a Contact Form or Contact Maggie on 07885295208.





  Somerton Shop

somerton shop 2.jpg




Time for review. Staff and volunteers from our shops spent Bank Holiday Sunday having a turn around at our Somerton shop. A good spring clean and lots of new items to browse. Come and have a look. 




somerton shop 1.jpgsomerton shop 3.jpg












Cattery Volunteers Needed for Morning Shifts


puss.jpgpuss 02.jpg



We are currently in need of volunteers for all mornings except for Thursdays.

Experience helpful but not nesscesary as training will be given.

9:30am start till finish (usually around 2 hours).

If interested please contact Maggie on 07885295208 or fill in  a Contact  form.






More information on becoming a Home Visitor is now available on the Rehoming page

Home Visitors Wanted Across Somerset and Devon

Watch This Space!

Home Visitors Wanted

Are you looking for a new Challenge?

We're looking for new Home Visitors in the South East Somerset area to help animals find their "forever homes".

You would be visiting potential adopters homes, meeting their children and pets and making sure the home is suitable for the animal.

Cats, dogs and rabbits are the most common animals but knowledge of other species would be helpful.

Training would be given and expenses paid.

You must have Transport.


Contact Maggie on: 07885295208 or fill in a Contact form if interested